About Us

The future of humanity as a species and an economic community lies in space. The Open Space Group (or OSG) is an organization of scientists and engineers dedicated to opening up space technologies to the whole of humanity.
OSG is a non-profit scientific research company. As such, we pursue our research and development under the principles of the open source community: all research and technology are released under copyleft licenses, ensuring everyone has access to our discoveries and developments.
Jeff Bouas
President, Chief Executive Officer
Theoretical physicist and mathematician by training, the core mission of the Open Space Group was born in a theoretical discussion between himself and Ross McDonald. Realizing that most of the necessary technology to see their vision through already existed, he set about founding such an organization to personally push for a greater emergence of space in the private sector.
Mr. Bouas holds degrees in physics and mathematics from Texas A&M University, with work and publications related to mathematical methods of quantum and electromagnetic phenomena.
Ross McDonald
Chief Technology Officer
Ross McDonald is a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University studying computational physics and has worked as a professional software developer for the past 4 years. In the early discussions of Open Space with Mr. Bouas, Mr. McDonald provided the computational insight that now forms the core of Open Space's launch simulator.
Mr. McDonald holds degrees in physics and mathematics from Texas A&M University with work relating to computational methods in condensed matter physics.
Gwyn Rosaire
Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Rosaire is a rocket enthusiast who holds a degree from Texas A&M University in physics and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering with a focus on applications in space propulsion. He was involved in the operations planning in his group in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M university while he was an undergraduate. He has interned at Los Alamos National Laboratory with the small modular reactor design team, and he has experience manufacturing and using high energy propellants.
He shares the dream with the Open Space Group of elevating humanity to become a space faring civilization and claiming the solar system as our home.
Maraya Bouas
Chief Financial Officer
Maraya Bouas is a masters student at Texas A&M studying Economics. When Open Space was first becoming reality, Mrs. Bouas put her business knowledge to work to create the financial backbone of the company.
Mrs. Bouas holds a degree in economics with a minor in business administration from Texas A&M University.